Hiring the best takes a huge amount of time isolating THE right candidate, resulting in what could be called a "major time suck". Time can be wasted posting positions on social media websites and going through endless resumes of unqualified candidates. Hiring managers' time can be better spent driving business with their customers and leading their teams to revenue growth versus taking themselves out of the game in order to plow over endless resumes. In this fast-paced ever changing advertising landscape, successful companies and start-ups need an advantage...BES can provide that for you. On many searches, we've interviewed large number of candidates to find only one qualified candidate to submit. We won't 'throw resumes against a wall to see if they stick'...we will submit only highly qualified, individually selected candidates.

Just as we are client focused, we are also candidate focused. We never forget that the resumes we review represent people...people with hopes, dreams, families, wonderful success stories of their own. We will never forget the success that our candidates have brought to this company. More than one-hundred clients have come to us through only word of mouth...all referred from our candidate base. 

We want to stay small, strategic and relatively exclusive...we don't want to grow this company to more than a few people. We want to keep it personal and relevant. We are a small company and we only take on companies and searches that excite and challenge us. Companies that have a unique offering that can differentiate themselves from the clutter.

When you hire Ballard Executive Search you receive the following:

  • Reputation and resources to access this country’s top media professionals
  • Extensive database of qualified candidates across the country and in your region with access to key industry players
  • Screening and assessment of candidates
  • Presentation of qualified candidates quickly
  • Uncompromising standards of integrity, discretion and professionalism
  • Diligent work ethic
  • Tools to identify candidates at all levels
  • Commitment to your satisfaction
  • Julie Ballard-Lebe

Message from Julie

Julie Ballard-Lebe photo by Jen Serena

I love what I do. I love listening to my candidates' hopes and dreams. I love making a perfect match. There is nothing more gratifying than when a year or two down the road my client tells me how happy they are with a candidate of mine. I take it very personally. My clients have to pass the "would I invite them to Thanksgiving Dinner test" and my candidates have to pass the "would I bet my son's college fund that this candidate will be successful in the role". It focuses my mind. I interview each candidate and make the final decisions on who is presented to my clients. 

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